Maintaining your solar park or rooftop-panel


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A solar park or solar plant can’t be left to its own devices. It deserves great care and constant monitoring, to stay cost-efficient and get the most out of your solar panels. Kecxwind has more then 15 solar parks under management. We would love to put our expertise to the test on your project.


Operation & Maintenance

When a solar plant is active, it’s going to be generating energy. It’s a moment to celebrate, because this is the start of your investment redeeming itself! But even the best installations can have a malfunction, even solar parks. That’s why it is of the upmost importance to keep regular checks of your plant and to apply 24/7 monitoring. In the fission of Kecxwind, O&M is a crucial part of every solar plant.


Monitoring systems.

Kecxwind BV uses monitoring systems where possible malfunctions can be spotted in an early stage and get send to our O&M team to inspect and patch the issue at hand. Kecxwind is a truly in-depended party that has access to the biggest monitoring platforms. This way our experts have all the necessary information at hand to fix the issue before they get critical, so you only have to worry about the ROI of your new plant.

Good care prevents loss

A malfunction that develops in a critical error can lead to big losses in output, financially and in megawatts. That’s why it is better to prevent this from happing to your plant with the O&M specialists of Kecxwind. With the right 24/7 monitoring and experts at hand, seven days a week, we reduce the risk of malfunctions. With this unique and efficient approach our team is able to patch outage within 24 hours. We take great care in keeping your installations up and running and most of all: profitable!

Turn-key outsourcing

We offer multiple solutions regarding the monitoring & maintenance of solar plants. Our teams are able to take responsibility for the technical maintenance of your solar park, but we also offer additional services in a ‘complete package’ like mowing, cleaning and guarding your solar plant. Your wish is our demand, as they say. Kecxwind stands for quality and service, even in the little details.

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Kecx Wind BV


Kecxwind is proud to announce it has become the market-leader considering the management of solar parks. With over more then 15 parks under management Kecxwind has the experience and is ready for a sustainable future with even more solar parks around the world. Tomorrow is going to be a sunny day!

Management by Kecxwind BV

Do you want to receive more information about the outsourcing of your plant-management? Contact one of our specialists for bespoke advice, adjusted to your needs.


Construction of solar parks

Kecxwind not only specializes in managing existing plants, but also in the construction of new solar plants. Curious about the possibility’s? Get in contact with our team!