The construction of a solar park


Constructing a durable solar park isn’t an easy task, but the kind of task that makes the heart of Kecxwind engineers beat faster. We proof time and time again that constructing and maintaining a solar park is deep within our DNA. Kecxwind strives for quality and durability.

Kecxwind BV

Full of energy

In the past few years Kecxwind has proven to be an expert regarding constructing sustainable energy sources. We’ve collected over 60 successful projects that bear our name, with a collective, durable yield of more than 200 megawatts. All of these projects bear our highest quality standards, like every other Kecxwind project. These projects provide a huge leap in the direction of an eco-friendly society.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

A construction project consists of different stages, so is installation of a solar park. Kecxwind BV can provide you with a ‘turn-key’ solar park: from design, compiling the materials and the realization. All our solar installations are build in either the Netherlands or Germany by our own engineers. Kecxwind works closely with the biggest contractos and developers all over the globe. We make sure that your project becomes reality.

Turn-key or sub-contracting

The definitions of our partnership depend on the wishes of our clients. In one instance we can go to all lengthens to deliver a project turn-key, but sub-contracting also belongs to the possibility’s. It all depends on the wishes of you, our (potential) next client. Kecxwind choses the flexible approach and offers a wide range of solutions for the design, construction and management of your solar cells.

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Efficient approach en quality monitoring

Thanks to our years of experience in constructing solar-parks, we can guarantee to have the most efficient approach to your demand.
When implementation starts our processes are standardized to move as quickly as possible and reduce delay to a minimum. We’re able, thanks to our constant quality monitoring, to make the construction process of your solar-park as smoothly as possible.


The team of Kecxwind

The Kecxwind team exists of 20 enthusiastic employees that are complimentary in their own expertise. We’ve got our own working materials, which means we can always work in-depend and flexible on our next job. We’re in close contact with our on-site team members. The Kecxwind approach is quick communications, combined with expertise to make your next project successful from scratch.

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Maintenance of a solar-park.

We not only provide construction, but also maintain multiple solar parks. Curious about the possibility’s for your project or what we could do for you? Take a look at our pagea about Maintenance of solar plants.

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Wanna know more about the possibility’s of constructing a solar-park or current maintenance? Give us a call or an e-mail and we would love to discuss the possibility’s!